Gorgeous Brows Can Be Yours

Yes gorgeous brows can be yours. If you are tired of having to draw those perfect brows before the start of your day then you are on the right page.HQ Beauty has been helping ladies to achieve the look they are after for years.we specialize in the unique phibrow technique that is SIMPLY unmatched in design and quality.look on to see for yourself why so many are choosing us.


the phibrow way

Phibrows is a technique that is Technique that was born in Europe and is taking the industry by storm. It involves extensive training and a certification process that ensures the standards are met worldwide. Continuous training and upgrading ensures that the latest technologies are used to provide the client with the most satisfying results. The attention to detail used in the creation of every single brow stroke that is tattooed onto the skin is the mark of perfection. No templates designs are used that appear unnatural. Each brow is created to match the natural symmetry of your brow line using just enough emphasis on the areas that will highlight the brow without making it look too overbearing.

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Some words from our clients

This has been a wonderful experience! I’m so picky about my brows and I was a little nervous about getting them done but Hailan is so professional and meticulous with her work and she did a great job. I’m so impressed and everyone who has seen my brows agree! READ MORE HERE.

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Book now and EXPERIENCE the difference

If you are still nervous about getting your brows done and want to know more before you take the next step, why not book a free consultation with Hailan and she can speak to you about what to expect. If you are ready to book and want begin looking your best, you can use our booking system and find the date and time you want by clicking on this link to create your account and get started. BOOK HERE