Lash Experience


It all started when...

I tried lash extensions for the first time on a recommendation from a friend back in 2011. I instantly fell in love with them, until they soon fell off and I my eyes became irritated. I was persistent and continued getting my lashes done but kept having issues. Being the inquisitive person I am I began doing some research on the effects of having lash extensions. I soon realized that there are many reasons I was experiencing issues.

I found out that improper placement of the lash extensions, poor hygienic practices, cheap lash extension materials and low grade lash adhesive or too much or too little adhesive was likely the reasons for my unpleasant experiences. It was then that I decided to pursue a training course that would teach me all that I need to know about lash extension applications. 

be aware...

There are many people that attempt to offer lash services with little or no training at all. Your eyes are probably the most sensitive organ in your body, yet many people are willing to let unqualified people use them for practice"....and the results can be horrifying and costly. Please do some homework and ask questions before you allow someone to apply lash extensions. Ask to see pictures of their work. Ask to see testimonials. Do they appear to be running a business or is it just a hobby? It's your right to know.

I have been providing lash extension services for almost four years after completing a comprehensive Alberta government endorsed lash extension course. I have training in proper sanitation procedures, care of lash extensions and the proper handling and placement of implements and eye shapes. I have extensive experience in applying classic and volume lash extensions. My attention to detail, customer care, and quality of service is evident by my clients testimonials. Click here to see me testimonials on this site or here on YELP, Google and Facebook