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About my training...

I decided late in 2015 that I would add semi-permanent makeup to the list of my service offerings as I felt there was a need for a certified technician that could offer the latest in the art of semi-permanent makeup. I am certified by the Institute of BANSE, which has trained and certified over 80 thousand students since 2006. It is one of the most respected institutions of beauty and cosmetic training in South East Asia.

Made up eyes

Permanent eyeliner is placed just below the lash line, which enhances and defines the beauty of the eyes. The technique I use provides a very natural look and will make lashes appear thicker when not wearing mascara. It opens the eyes and makes them “pop.” It is performed using a micro needle and the pigment is implanted in a dot-like matrix fashion slightly below the lash line. This technique gives your eyes a beautiful appearance when open but will not be obvious when closed.

The process from start to finish typically takes 1-2 hours. The flow of the procedure is as follows:

  • consultation with the client to discuss the desired results, style, shape and color
  • proportional measuring of the eyes and adjustments for asymmetry
  • line drawing on the application area to achieve the desired look
  • application of the numbing cream
  • the application of the permanent tattooing.

Please click the FAQ button below to find out more about permanent makeup.

Permanent Eyeliner Service Menu




Eye liner-Lash Enhancement (upper)                                                                                        

$380 | 2 hours

Eye-Liner Touch ups

  • First touch up is free (within three months)
  • $150 within the first year from initial application date
  • $200 after the first year from the initial date of application

Corrective Eye Liner procedure

$75 in addition to the main eyeliner service

For clients that received permanent makeup services from another business and are experiencing blue, orange, green, asymmetrical, unnatural or migrated eyeliner.

All permanent makeup appointments require a $150.00 deposit. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept appointments without a deposit. You can make the deposit by using the drop down menu in the "book me" tab and or by clicking here "appointment deposit" Your deposit will be held and can be applied to the final price or refunded at the time of appointment.

*Additional charges apply for future touch-ups.

*Prices subject to change at anytime

*Prices do not include GST

Please Note: touch up prices are only for previous clients, if you are a new client you will be paying full service charge