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The PHI-Ion/FibroBlast and Medical Micro-Needling procedures require different amount of sessions to achieve the desired results. Where the PHI-Ion/FibroBlast treatment may produce results with only one session, Medical Micro Needling may require several. The amount of treatments largely depends on the area and the extent of the wrinkles, blemishes Marionette Lines, Age Spots and etc. Typically the amount of additional sessions required can be determined after the first one has fully healed between 4 to 6 weeks.

It is completely safe to repeat Medical Micro-Needling every 4-6 weeks. Keep in mind that we are stimulating your own collagen production, and that can take a few months to see full benefits from the fiberblast protein production. For maximum results, we recommend beginning with 4-6 treatments, spaced every 4-6 weeks.

PHI-Ion/FibroBlast on the other hand may achieve the desired results after only one session. A check up appointment is recommended after one month to determine if an additional treatment is necessary. The results are expected to last for at least nine.



Seton Office Studio (Inside ReNue Spa)

Medical Micro-Needling

Full Face

$300 + Tax for one session 


$300 + Tax for one session


$300 + Tax for one session


$300 + Tax for one session


$500 + Tax for one session


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