Booking Policies

Profile Creation

All clients that wish to book an appointment online must create a client profile. Alternatively, you can download the MINDBODY APP for your phone. 

Please note that when booking an appointment you will be prompted to create your own personal profile through MINDBODY which is the company I chose for booking and scheduling. MINDBODY is safe and very easy to use. You may also be prompted to enter your billing information please note your CC will NOT be charged for your appointment however you may use it as a payment option if you wish. 

Here are just some benefits of creating a profile.

  • Fill in your details only once and never again.

  • Add your appointment to your own calendar automatically.

  • Change your appointment with ease.

  • Set up recurring appointments in advance.

  • Receive Appointment reminders.

  • View our schedule of availability now and in the future

  • View your appointments in your online schedule.

  • The ability to pay for your service in advance if you wish.

  • The ability to GIFT a service to someone else.

  • The ability to take advantage of promo codes for product and services purchase discounts.


Please read this cancellation policy very carefully. Cancellations MUST be made within the required cut off times listed below.

New Booking Procedure Credit Cards
Effective March 13th 2019

This is a reminder of a previous announcement regarding future bookings with HQ Beauty Care.

This announcement is being made due to the increase of NEW CLIENTS that are booking appointments and cancelling with short or NO notice at all. Due to this problem, we are now going to be requesting that ALL clients be required to add their credit card information when booking an appointment. This means that when you book online through our system you will be prompted to enter your credit card information before you are able to book.
PLEASE NOTE that your credit card will NOT be used to pay for the appointment but rather used if there is a cancellation of an appointment that fails to meet our cancellation policy. For the mass majority of our clients this is not an issue, however for NEW clients it is a means to help them understand our policy and to cancel within the acceptable time limits set out in our booking policy.
We apologize for this inconvenience but we have no other choice to limit the cancellations or no show bookings. This policy will be enacted on March 13th 2019. Please know that your credit card information is completely secure and will not be compromised as your security is our top priority. All credit card information is safeguarded by the Mindbody online booking system that is trusted by millions of users world wide. 


  • New Lash Set - 48 hours in advance

    • Penalty for not following policy is 50% of service charge

  • Lash Fill - 24 hours in advance

    • Penalty for not following policy is 50% of service charge

  • Lash Lifting and Tinting - 48 hours in advance

    • Penalty for not following policy is 50% of service charge

  • All Permanent makeup appointments - 72 hours in advance 

    • Penalty for not following policy is 50% of service charge

  • All Skin Tightening appointments - 72 hours in advance

    • Penalty for not following policy is 50% of service charge

  • NO SHOWS WILL BE CHARGED 100% of the appointment cost.


No Shows

No Shows are clients who do not show up for their appointment and do not cancel. For no shows a 100% of the service appointment will be charged.

Permanent Makeup &

Training Deposits

As both permanent makeup and training services require a significant time to complete, HQ Beauty Care requires that a deposit is made at the time of booking. This ensures your spot and confirms your intent to arrive for your appointment. Both services can be canceled or rescheduled by following our cancellation policy below. 


As both services are sensitive in nature HQ Beauty Care requests notification of any health concerns or medical issues that may affect the service. This would include, pregnancies, allergies, respiratory illness. Please notify us in advance of your appointment so that we can advise you on any precautions that may be necessary.

Medical Concerns