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Tattoo and PMU Removal Service

fully certified, insured and approved by Alberta Health Services.      


PHILings is a safe and affordable alternative... 

HQ Beauty Care is proud to offer unique Skin Tightening services by PHILings. Medical Micro-Needling is the latest in skin tightening technology. Microneedling is a wonderful alternative to Botox, Peels and Laser treatments. 


What's Your Lash Look?


Each one of our clients are different from one another. Some want a little more length, some want thicker lashes. Some ladies like lots of volume and are after the dramatic look. What look are you wanting? At HQ Beauty Care we take the time to explain the differences between classic and volume lashes. We show you what options you have for curl shapes and lengths. You are assured of getting what you are looking for at HQ Beauty Care.


Hair and Makeup provided by Kada Issa

Photos provided by Chris Aune






Always Beautiful Semi-Permanent Makeup

The benefits of semi-permanent makeup are countless. If you are looking for more definition or maybe a thicker fuller brow, semi-permanent makeup is for you. Semi-Permanent makeup can also be used to reduce the appearance of light scaring or gaps in your brow area. It is the perfect wake up, wash up and go solution for people on the move. 


About Hailan


My name is Hailan Quan Kootnekoff. I am the founder and owner of HQ Beauty Care. HQ Beauty Care was founded in 2012. I have worked in the beauty industry since 2004. I was trained in Japan and offered nail services for nearly 13 years. In 2013 I changed my focus and now offer full lash services and training as well as semi-permanent makeup services including brows, eye liner, tattoo removal and skin tightening.


Hair and Makeup provided by Kada Issa

Photos provided by Chris Aune


Lash Extension Training Courses


Basic Lash Extensions

HQ Beauty Care's Basic Lash Extension Course is a great start for those who want to enter the lash technician business or for those who merely want a new hobby. You will learn all the crucial fundamentals of lash extension application. Hygiene, proper lash placement, shapes and designs.  This two day course will prepare you for a successful lash technician career. Learning the basics is essential to create quality lashes.

Volume Lash Extensions

The Volume Lash Extension course has been developed for those who have successfully completed the basic lash extension course or who have a firm understanding of lash extension application and that want to perfect their skills in volume lash extension creation. You will learn special techniques required to create gorgeous looking lashes. Lashes that pop, dramatic looking glamour lashes that your clients will love. 

Basic & volume lash extension Course

We have developed this course for those who are looking for continued training that combines both the Basic and Volume Lash Extension Training back to back. The benefit of this combined course is that you will be absorbing four full days of training that will allow you to absorb and retain what you will be taught without having to wait extended periods of time between both courses.  


Relax.. we offer privacy

Unlike many studios or beauty salons that line you up side by side like a dormitory while they offer their services, we offer you complete privacy in your own room. We know that getting lashes or permanent makeup for the first time can be intimidating and we want to ensure that your visit is stress free and relaxing.  


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Hair and Makeup provided by Kada Issa

Photos provided by Chris Aune